Jaret Grossman is the creator of the MP45 Workout & Meal Plan Program. He is a certified personal trainer and former collegiate athlete who co-founded the popular fitness brand Muscle Prodigy.

Muscle Prodigy started in 2008 by Jaret and his childhood best friend Richie Allen. Originally launched as a small blog called MuscleProdigy.com, Muscle Prodigy has grown into one of the most well respected fitness brands in the world. The company now manages a popular fitness website, social media following, and product line.

MuscleProdigy.com provides thousands of pages of free content on everything from fitness, motivation, nutrition, sports, lifestyle and entertainment. Some of Muscle Prodigy’s content has been featured by top websites like Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, BroBible, and Elite Daily, among many others.

In addition to its popular website, Muscle Prodigy has a loyal social media following with over a million followers on all its channels.

Muscle Prodigy has worked with top athletes and celebrities, creating top workout programs, mobile apps, and workout music.

MP45 is Muscle Prodigy’s premier product and has been purchased by thousands of customers who have transformed their lives using the program. We are glad you are interested in trying MP45 and we can’t wait for you to see incredible results!

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