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So do you know my story?

Let me tell you a little bit about me so you know what I’ve been through.

I was 90 pounds soaking wet in the 8th grade.

I was at the Boys & Girls Club one night and there was a kid younger than me in the 7th grade who had a strong bravado. He was picking on me and egging me on.

All of the sudden, a crowd of people swarmed around in a circle and started cheering FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

I had no idea what this guy’s problem was or why I even deserved this, but he started putting his hands up and drawing closer to me.

After I tried dodging and weaving, boom, he hit me with a clean shot. I tried to take him down, but he got the upper hand on me and all of the sudden, he started wailing on my head. Eventually, the fight got broken up, but not before I had some pretty bad welts on my forehead. You can hear me talking about it here.

My dad had to pick me up that night. One of the most embarrassing situations of my life.

Then, I had to go into school that Monday morning with bumps and bruises on my head. Another embarrassing situation to walk into after everyone’s already heard about me losing the fight…and this was before the days of social media, mind you (they still heard)…

That was the catalyst for me. That is where I made a decision (and if you want to change your life in any capacity, it starts with a decision, not a wish).

I made a decision that I would learn to protect myself and get stronger. I doubled my bodyweight (the natural way) and became a 3x All-American wrestler.

I did this by burying myself in fitness magazines, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding, and watched every YouTube video I could get my hands on of Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Mike Mentzer, Dorian Yates, and the like. My friend Richie Allen, who eventually Co-Founded Muscle Prodigy with me, became my training partner in the gym.

Bodybuilding and wrestling became my haven.

I learned everything there was about nutrition and exercise…and eventually I got up to 215 lbs, doing 425 lb. deadlifts for 10+ reps, doing incline dumbbell presses of 115 lbs. in each hand for 8+ reps, all while seeing my abs.

I was big, I was strong, and I was one of the best wrestlers in the country.

Then, I wanted to really lean out and I got to 194 lbs. and between 5-6% body fat during my senior year of college. This is where I excelled.

I dedicated a large portion of my life to training and wrestling. Now, I have 3 All-American trophies (which simply means top 8 in the country in your division), and the only reason I wasn’t one of only a handful of guys who placed all 4 years is because my junior year I had to sit out due to a shoulder surgery. I got All-American Honors my sophomore year even with a torn labrum and split biceps tendon (my shoulder would dislocate practically every match…gross, I know).

Then, while I was in law school, I wanted to start a career in something that I was truly passionate about. I was beginning to find law very overwhelming. Before that…I was in investment banking, and I realized that corporate America just wasn’t for me. Although I finished my law degree, I knew that law school was a form of eustress, but a career in law was a form of not distress. That’s when I wanted to start a business in the very thing that transformed me and my body. I wanted to give back the knowledge that took me years of trial and error to help people transform their bodies and minds the best way I knew.

While in law school, I started up a health and fitness business with my friend Richie Allen, who was my training partner in the gym. We Co-Founded the now popular fitness brand Muscle Prodigy by first creating a blog.

Now, Muscle Prodigy has worked with dozens of bodybuilders, fitness models and Pro Athletes including Ronnie Coleman, Devin McCourty, Arian Foster, and Nicole Moneer to name a few.

One summer, when we had very little money to spare for the business, we took a chance and we rented an office no bigger than 80 square feet in Melville, New York. During that process of writing articles and posting on forums to drive traffic, I knew I had to create a product…a system that people could follow…something they would not only buy because of the results other people were getting, but one they could easily follow and stick to. What good is a program that you don’t actually use?

I created a workout program called MP45, which was a 45 day step by step guide to transform your body. I worked day and night on this for months and months and eventually I created a 3 part series. A 200 page training guide that explained the science behind training. A 100 page nutrition guide that explained the science behind nutrition. But then I knew that wasn’t enough. That’s not what people actually NEEDED to make a change. I knew I had to spell it out for them instead. I created an actual 45 day plan that took all the training and nutritional information that I had in my head and all the research that I’ve stumbled upon and laid out exactly what to do. Exercise by exercise. Rep by rep. Meal by meal. So that’s what I did. Voila. Tens of thousands of lives changed and hopefully that number will be much larger one day if we stick to the formula of constant innovation and pristine pull-and-push marketing.

But…In order to create an amazing program, I had to dive into psychology books, videos, and any kind of audiotape on personal development I could get my hands on. I had to understand the way people thought and the limiting beliefs that held them back.

And in order to market the product and our company, I recorded motivational videos and released them on YouTube. Tens of millions of views later and I was being called a YouTube sensation and I had thousands of comments online…people telling me that I changed their life.

My business partner Richie really dove head first into becoming an expert at the marketing side of things to help build our social media following and we spread tremendous awareness about what the MP45 program actually was through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and using influencers. The rise-up is never a picnic, but we always shared the common vision… to transform lives and build an empire.

So here you are…reading this.

LET’S BE CLEAR…I didn’t get into this space by first coming out and saying, “Hey listen to me, I’ll change your life!!”. Actually, people came to me asking me to help them with their physique. In high school and college, I literally would bring people into the gym with me and work out with them for hours. I would then use their testimonials as the foundation of our business. I have been able to motivate people, get them to take action, and transform lives. And I knew I had to build a business around this gift.

I can help anyone who is hungry for growth and who has their ego aside to actually receive the information.

Now, I want to help you achieve your goals.

Perhaps you want to get lean.
Maybe you’ve tried dozens of other programs and they never worked.
Maybe you are a professional athlete and you’re looking for that special edge.

I’ve worked with everyone you can think of.
And I am here to help you.

Let’s start you out light. Sift through the information on this free platform.
I want to earn your trust.

I’ll provide a ton of value to you and we’ll see where this relationship goes.

Sound fair?

Good! Welcome to the Muscle Prodigy family.

Thank you for giving me your attention. I will cherish it!

Best Regards,
Jaret Grossman
Creator of MP45
Co-Founder Muscle Prodigy LLC


Please upgrade to the MP45 membership plan to unlock the famous MP45 System.

Click Sign Up Below to get a step by step guide to exercise and nutrition, outlining what you should do for the next 45 days to get in the best shape of your life.


Please upgrade to the MP45 membership plan to unlock the famous MP45 System.

Click Sign Up Below to get a step by step guide to exercise and nutrition, outlining what you should do for the next 45 days to get in the best shape of your life.