Dear Valued MP45X Client,

Welcome to MP45X!

We are absolutely thrilled you took the initiative to change your body and your mind with the MP45 Program. This program will put you on the right path to achieving all of your goals with your physique. Such an attitude of discipline will serve you well in your education, career, and relationships.

It takes a special type of person to advance to this next stage. This will be a protocol that tests your will and demands your spiritual prowess.

I’ve accumulated knowledge from some of the best fitness models, bodybuilders, and athletes on the planet to understand the best training regimen for cracking the code to “fitness for life”.

My quest was to figure out how to do a few things:

  1. Prioritize my career, and have enough energy levels to be on fire every day. There was no way I was going to accomplish this by eating a low carb diet.
  2. Eat my favorite foods every week. Many bodybuilding methods include something called deprivation. This means preventing yourself from eating foods you enjoy.
  3. Look amazing in the mirror. Go from working out hard to looking like I worked out hard (for men, that’s a difference between 8-10% body fat and 5-6% body fat and for women, 15-20% body fat to 12-14% body fat).
  4. I needed to do this all-natural. Steroids and performance enhancing drugs weren’t an option. Even many supplements that you can find in GNC I wouldn’t want to resort to. I wasn’t willing to mess with my hormones, because once we start down that path, you become reliant on them.

I finally found it!

MP45 was a great start, but MP45X is the holy grail of fitness.

It’s how to get into the best shape of your life while not having to sacrifice your lifestyle.

This might not seem like a ton of information and you might be wondering that Mp45 consisted of hundreds of pages…why is MP45X so short.

You’ve already scoured through all the information in MP45 on the science behind how the body responds to nutrition and training. Now, you just need the PROTOCOL that will crack the code. Here it is…

The first part consists of a nutritional plan called the ON/OFF diet. These are the EXACT foods that will give you the body you desire without compromising. There’s no portion control and you’ll get to have EARNED days so you can eat whatever you want on scheduled days when you’ve earned them.

The second part consists of a 5 day training split that will burn fat, build muscle, and give your muscles JUST ENOUGH time to recover before you hit them hard again.

This took me tens of thousands of dollars and over a decade to figure out. trust me…it’s worth every penny you spent on it and WAY MORE.

Enjoy…and best of luck to you!

All the Best,

Jaret Grossman, J.D. CPT
Creator of MP45 Program
Co-Founder of Muscle Prodigy LLC



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