What is HIST?

H.I.S.T. or High Intensity Stimulation Training is a protocol I coined and created to define optimal training based on the musculature in the body in addition to the hormonal environment from which everything in terms of weight loss and muscle mass stems.

This philosophy is based on three components. Competitive bodybuilders, powerlifters, and athletes alike all have slightly different training regimens, yet they each train specific to what their sport requires for optimal performance. A bodybuilder wants high density muscle mass and little fat. A powerlifter needs more strength per square inch, which typically requires different training from a bodybuilder to prevent bulky muscles that add more bodyweight but don’t contribute to functionality. A typical program that an experienced trainer puts a professional level athlete in, on the other hand, relies upon movements that prevent injury and add to explosive power and sustained stamina.

Wouldn’t it be the best type of training if you combined the best parts of these 3 and eliminate the disadvantages? Hence, I give you High Intensity Stimulation Training.

As a wrestler in college, I knew that if I wanted to succeed as a freshman, when competing with juniors and seniors at the regional championships and national level, then I knew had to put in work from both a physical and intellectual standpoint.

I knew my training had to superior not only in the amount of hours, but also what was applied in those hours.

I developed a system for myself that allowed me to increase explosiveness, improve strength, gain muscle mass, and strip off body fat, while not bulking up too much so that I stayed within the weight class I felt most comfortable at.

Those were the beginning roots of H.I.S.T.

The idea is to bring yourself to total and utter failure.
But you don’t need to do it over and over again.
That’s the trick here.
Volume training is the type of training that bodybuilders often preach.
Once you tear the muscle fibers to the point of where the stimulus occurs, let your body do the rest.
But those sets of failure have to be for specific movements, for each body part, and each body part needs to be hit from multiple angles to see great development.
This is the secret to H.I.S.T. and what has allowed me to be able to transform hundreds and thousands of people.
They implement this methodology and they see results.

The bodybuilding community has believed in volume training for a long time. Do a set of 8 reps until you can’t do it anymore. Then repeat several times. Periodization like that will help your muscles grow, but it takes a longer time to develop the change we want…and on top of that you add muscle mass without gaining as much power, strength, and explosiveness per every square inch of muscle you have. As a wrestler I didn’t want to just look jacked, I wanted functional strength – to be as strong per pound of bodyweight I carried. This is why powerlifters tend to stick to two to three rep maxes, and obviously the one rep maxes during competition. An athlete on the other hand needs to have more stamina and explosiveness for a sustained period of time. A wrestling match lasts for 7 minutes. It’s non stop action – to the point where you feel like you’re doing intense weightlifting and simultaneously sprinting at the same time. It’s exhausting. But you need to sustain your power throughout the whole 7 minutes. Powerlifting is a few seconds tops. Bodybuilding sets range from 30 to 60 seconds. You need something different and that’s why implementing certain intensity sets creates such a drastic change.

It’s very difficult to see changes when you aren’t tapping into your nervous system. This is critical. You must activate hormones in your body, and that’s what H.I.S.T. tends to focus on – firing up the nervous system to force the body to respond in a way that produces maximal anabolic hormones for you to grow far after the workout is over.

This is a relatively new concept in the way of training and I hope you choose to implement it.

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However, I did one more thing for you. Instead of you reading a bunch of stuff about how something works, I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be so much better to give people an actual step by step plan that spelled it out for you?”.
If you knew exactly what worked, would you follow it?
Of course you would.

So now you just need to have a little trust in us, and take the next step in your fitness journey.

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