Q: Would a KETO/Low carb diet work with MP45?

A: As a whole, low carb diets generally work very well for short periods of time. For example, before a competition or event. However, as a lifestyle, it can cause complications.

With MP45 nutrition, you shouldn’t really ever feel deprived because it emphasizes low GI carbs which do not spike your insulin levels as much as high GI carbs do, while still keeping your energy levels generally high throughout the day.

MP45 will keep you lean year round while you can still enjoy your favorite foods through the incorporation of cheat meals.

However, with that being said, the MP45 meal plan is designed to be a suggestion, as opposed to a protocol that you have to follow strictly. You can substitute any food you like with a similar food that has a macronutrient profile and GI index that’s relatively the same. You can certainly eat your typical low carb diet meals in replacement of the MP45 meals, while taking advantage of the training regimen that’s instituted in the program.

Our MP45X membership program also contains advanced training and nutrition information such as the powerful on/off diet and intense one week shred technique. With MP45X you will gain a unique insight into what professional athletes and fitness models do attain that unique look. In addition, one on one training, 24/7 text support and many other unique features makeup the MP45X membership.