Q: I actually am having quite a bit of difficulty starting the program. I am nearly vegan in my nutrition and the nutrition program for MP45 doesn’t seem to really work for me because there’s a lot of meat there. Do you have a vegan option? I do eat some chicken and fish.

A: Many vegetarians use MP45 with great success.  Some of the best fitness models and professional athletes in the world are vegetarians, so we are well aware that you can get great protein sources elsewhere. Also, we tend to overestimate how much protein we actually need to sustain and build muscle mass.

You can substitute any food you want in the program as long as it has a similar macronutrient profile and glycemic index load. For instance, if it says 40g protein from steak and you do not eat meat, swap out this particular protein with 40g from a different protein source such as hemp protein. You can even reduce it down to 30 or 20g. Also, take into account your bodyweight and compare it proportionally to the standard we use, which is for a 180 lb male.

MP45 nutrition provides you with vast knowledge of what vegetarian sources you can use to reach your lifetime best shape and optimal health.

In addition, our superb MP45 coaches are on standby to help guide you with a customizable approach to MP45.