Q: I started the MP45 schedule but since it was a little too hectic for me, I had to stop. How can I follow the workouts but simplify it so I am not spending too much time in the gym?

A: One of the best things about MP45 is that it is loaded with body transformation information that will give you options.

One thing that you can do is cut down the rest times between sets. Another thing that you can do is cut down a set per body part or cut out an exercise or two for each body part. Generally, each workout should take roughly an hour and 15 minutes if you know where all the equipment is in advance. Choose a body part for the day and go to the gym for say 30 minutes performing only strip sets for that one body part. Strip sets are time efficient and result producing.

This guaranteed result producing technique is one among many that MP45 offers.

MP45 is your textbook, your definitive fitness reference guide. Once you know how to apply the information to your daily life you will see enormous body changes.

We also recommend combining the cardio with your weight training. Do the cardio after your weight resistance workouts, so you can maximize your efficiency and effectiveness.

Also, cut down the warm-up and cool-down times by a little. Still do them, to prevent injury, but perhaps a couple of minutes here and there.

Our exceptional MP45 athletes provide personal coaching that can educate and guide you, so they can help modify the program and tailor it to your fitness goals so you can reach your personal best. You can take advantage of a personal coach by clicking here and signing up for our MP45X Package.