Q: I have been very busy with other activities that are keeping me from the gym. I want to start this program over here in a few weeks when I can really dedicate my time to it. What do I need to do to start from the beginning again?

A: It all starts with making a decision. You’re probably waiting for the perfect opportunity to start (i.e. – getting your last bit of fun in, you’re waiting for work to slow down, etc.). In all likelihood, things are going to keep popping up in your life one at a time. It’s important to be deliberate and strategic, but only to a certain point. At some juncture, you will have to jump into the pool. I recommend taking some action today. You don’t necessarily have to start Day 1 of the program today, but I would get some ducks in a row first. Perhaps you can go grocery shopping and buy some healthy foods. At that point, you’ll gain some momentum. I would also watch some YouTube videos of guys or gals who have the physique you admire. They probably work out pretty intense, and that should either do one of two things – motivate you or scare you. If it does the first, you’re set. If it does the latter, then find some other people who have great bodies who don’t have such a hardcore lifestyle. You’ll recognize that it’s not as hard as you’re probably making out to be to get in great shape!

The MP45 Video Library is perfect for those who like visual guides instead of reading over the material. We show you on video the exact workouts to do and how to do them, each and every day of the program.

Tony Robbins said famously, “complexity is the enemy of execution”. We tried making this really simple, so your brain doesn’t have to struggle with the concept of understanding every little detail.