Q: The information in the program seems overwhelming to me. How do I sort through all of this. Where do I begin?

A: MP45 has been carefully designed to meet you at your current fitness level and build from there.

The program has been designed to be your comprehensive fitness and nutrition guide.  Knowledge is power.  

We recommend that you begin in the member section member.mp45.com and click MP45 System, then start with the Introduction Page. All the instructions are detailed out there. With the tabs on the left in the welcome section, you will be able to access and retrieve all the information. From there, you will be guided with step-by-step instruction as well as a full training/nutrition book. Then, you can move onto the 45 Day Plan.

Our recommendation is that if you like video guides, then we have created the MP45 Video Library for an additional $197. It’s a great option that will enhance your experience since you get to see one of our athletes doing all the training.

Furthermore, we also offer another upgrade where you can work with your own personal MP45 coach which will provide you with personal attention from our incredible MP45 athletes where you will have phone calls and 24/7 text support.  Our athletes will keep you motivated and on track with your training and nutrition.  You will even have access to Jaret Grossman the creator of MP45.  Your training will be guided by experienced professionals so you will reach all of your fitness goals.