Q: I have a quick inquiry about the product N.O. Boost. Is the supplement safe, and does it have any properties in which it contains anabolic steroids of any kind? I saw the incentives of the product, but the in-depth ingredients of what’s in it is not listed on the mp45 site. If you could give me some insight, I would greatly appreciate it.

A: NO Boost has been carefully designed to promote good circulation which in turns leads to great muscle pumps in the gym which leads to muscle growth.

The ingredients in NO Boost, L-Arginine, have also been shown to increase endurance and aid in recovery. Muscle Prodigy takes pride in and stands behind all of our products that they are safe and effective. You can purchase NO Boost here.

It is our mission at Muscle Prodigy to provide our members with the most innovative training and nutrition information in the industry today.  Keep an eye out for a whole new range of 100% natural supplements from Muscle Prodigy.