Q: I purchased this workout plan and while I was looking through everything I realized this was more than I am able to do. It does seem my work schedule won’t allow for me to complete this to the best of my ability. Also I don’t think I will be able to afford all the different types of food that this programs required. Any help?

A: MP45 can be adjusted to fit your schedule, time frame and specific needs.  

Each workout lasts about one hour and that can be modified as well.

MP45 will provide you with comprehensive knowledge that you can incorporate into your schedule that will help you reach your lifetime best condition.

You will feel and look your best while having energy for the things that matter most.

In terms of the nutrition. Even if you are on a budget, you can still follow MP45 with great results. We’ve included an option for you in the Grocery tab so that you can stick to the staples and formulate your own meal plan in a very cost effective way.

The MP45 System deliberately includes a lot of variety in the meal plan to show you that you can eat healthy no matter where you are and what your taste preferences are. However, by no means do you have to follow it exactly to see results.

Just substitute any food on the list with one you can afford that has a similar macronutrient profile (fat to carbs to protein ratio) and glycemic index (choose foods that digest slowly to stabilize blood sugar levels). If you are working on a tight budget or time constraints, grocery shop by purchasing foods in bulk.

Quality fitness instruction can save you years of trial and error as well as save you money. Our handpicked MP45 athletes are available for personal coaching to give you the inroads to developing a great physique.