Q: Hi there I have a question about the program, I’m half way through the program but I feel like nothing is happening. I don’t feel as if I’m losing weight. I figured out that I’m not following the program well enough probably. Should I or can I start it over?

A: Attaining a great body is lifestyle.  Following MP45 is serious business, but you should never feel deprived on it.  MP45 allows you to enjoy your favorite foods and reach your personal best.

Much respect to your for your commitment and discipline to improve yourself. You already have the most important ingredients.

My first suggestion is to start the program over again and complete the program in its’ entirety. That new Day 1 feeling might give you that little extra boost you need, friend! Stick to it as best you can and let’s see how you feel and where you are. We are here for you along the way!

Personal attention from our MP45 coaches would be a great option as well. Our MP45 coaches will train you and work with you to keep you on track of your fitness and nutritional habits. You will receive one on one support and customization to give you momentum. You will get to talk to them on the phone once a week and have 24/7 access to text messaging with your coach. You can get this here.