Question: How do I follow the MP45 Program?

Answer: Order of programs to follow:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Training
  3. 45 Day Plan

Make sure to read the Nutrition and Training Guide before you get to the 45 Day Plan. This will help you greatly. You cannot do something effectively without understanding the why behind how you are doing it. This will also serve you if you need to alter the plan slightly. Also, you should want to know how to approach nutrition and training after the 45 days are up to be able to construct your own routines and meals.

Question: I do not have a membership to a gym. How can I do MP45?

Answer:  MP45 was always advertised as a Gym System. There is no funny business here. It says the word “gym” 3 times at the top of the page. That is something that we can’t make any more clear for you. There are plenty of gyms that only charge $30 per month ($1 a day), so I would think your health and the body you want is worth something that costs less than a cup of coffee a day. This product is loaded with resources for you to make by with what you have. Even if you can’t follow the weight training protocol, you will still see fantastic results by just following the diet and the cardio regimen alone.

Question: How can I print out the MP45 Document?

Answer: Please show this to one of the representatives at your local FedEx or Staples.

We grant you permission to be able to print out a copy of the MP45 program at FedEx or Staples for your personal use. This is not a commercial license to distribute. 

Question: Can I get this product on my phone?

Answer: Yes, this platform is mobile friendly.

You can also download the documents right on your phone by installing a program like Adobe Reader. If you need to unzip files, download an unzipping application like WinZip, JZip, iZip, etc.

Question: I can’t afford these meals. What can I do to lower the cost?

Answer: If the meal plan seems too expensive, we have an alternative for you.  Please refer to the grocery list to get your grocery cost to under $30 a week: https://member.mp45.com/grocery-list/

Question: Can I download the music albums to my phone?

Answer: Soundcloud has a mobile app that you can download so you can stream the playlists on your phone. Unfortunately, we do not provide the raw MP3 tracks as those can be freely uploaded to websites or transferred to people who didn’t purchase this program.

If you’d like to have the songs downloaded on your phone, then you can purchase the albums here:

It’s All On You

iPhone Users: Purchase It’s All on You on iTunes
Android Users: Purchase It’s All on You on Google Play

Alpha Motivation

iPhone Users: Purchase Alpha Motivation on iTunes
Android Users: Purchase Alpha Motivation on Google Play

Question: Will I build muscle with this program or burn fat?

Answer: The best thing about MP45 is that anyone can do it and benefit from its amazing workouts and meal plans. Jaret Grossman, the creator of the program, can best illustrate this. Jaret was 98 pounds as a high school freshman. In just under 2 months, he gained over 40 pounds.

In just a few short years, Jaret more than doubled his weight to 200+ pounds while keeping his body fat levels at 6%. He did this all by just following the methods that he further developed in MP45. At the same time, MP45 has transformed overweight individuals and made them see their six-pack again. The testimonials on MP45.com speak for themselves.

The program relies on weightlifting, anaerobic cardiovascular conditioning, and the right nutritional techniques. These things all act as an equalizer for your body. Whether you are skinny or overweight, there is really only ONE way to get fit!

It starts with training hard and eating right. The body fat will strip off and the muscles will grow! Furthermore, the more muscle you have, the more body fat you burn. Looking lean is about body composition – the ratio of muscle to fat on your body.

Generally, your abs will not show until you are under 10% body fat. So who cares how much you weigh? The mirror should be your gauge and MP45 relies on techniques that get your body fat down, blinded by weight.

Question: I’m a vegetarian. What do I do with these meal plans?

Answer: You can substitute any food you want in the program as long as it has a similar macronutrient profile and glycemic index load. For instance, if it says 40g protein from steak and you do not eat meat, swap out this particular protein with 40g from a different protein source such as hemp protein.

Question: I’m already pretty advanced with my knowledge of the weight room.
I notice there are a lot of machine based/smith machine based workouts,
especially in the beginning of the program. Should I skip this part?

Answer: We don’t recommend skipping anything. Even if you’ve been working out for years, you may develop muscular imbalances. The beginner workouts are specifically created to correct those muscular imbalances that can make you more prone to injury while helping your body adapt to handle the more intense workouts that are shown later in the program. Additionally, in order to get used to the advanced protocol of H.I.S.T., there are different types of rep schemes and intensity sets. Therefore, starting from the beginning will help you get accustomed to the workouts that intensify later in the program.

Question: How do you calculate how much of each food to eat?

Answer: Please read the Nutrition Guide before you attack the 45 day plan. Most of your questions and concerns are already answered in there. If you do not read it, you will naturally be confused. As explained, what’s more important than portion control is the types of foods that you eat. Overeating on the right types of foods have significantly less of an impact than selecting the wrong foods.

The rule to stick to is never go hungry and never eat until you’re full.

The main type of macronutrient, however, that you should be concerned about when looking to burn fat is carbohydrates. For instance, in the meal plan it will suggest 40g of carbs from oatmeal.

The meal plan is based on a 180 lb. active male. If you weigh more than 180 lbs., you’re going to need to eat more than 40g carbs. If you weigh less then 180 lbs. then you’re going to need less. Make sense? The calculation is to divide your bodyweight into 180 and then use that as your multiplier against the amount of carbs (in this case: 40g) to achieve your desired number (i.e. If you weigh 200 lbs. – 200/180 * 40 = 45g carbs).

If there is no limitation on the amount of grams, then use your judgment to eat until your satisfied, but not full. Use these figures as more of a guide than a steadfast rule. You should not be a slave to your diet! Have a healthy relationship with food. Bodybuilders use scales to weigh their food when doing contest prep. Looking great does not have to be that intense.

Question: Can you do MP45 at home with dumbbells only?

Answer: MP45 is best used as a gym system. I’m sure you use a computer and Internet to do your job. If you used a pencil and paper, how effective would you be? Can you get a good workout in with just dumbbells? Sure. However, you cannot possibly get as good of a workout with limited equipment.

There are plenty of gyms that charge under $30 per month. That’s $1 a day. You waste way more money on things that don’t help you. If you are still adamant about doing the workouts at home, please just switch up the exercise that’s there with an alternative exercise that you can do that works out the same body part. If you are traveling on vacation and have access to a hotel gym, the same rules would apply.

Question: I have a busy schedule that doesn’t fit the times of the workouts listed in MP45. What do I do?

Answer: You can exercise any time you want. Just get the workout in at some point. Switch the workout times to fit your schedule and fit your meals accordingly. The principles of eating every few hours should remain the same. The only meals that will change will be your pre-workout and post-workout meals.

Your pre-workout meal should come approximately an hour before your workout and your post-workout meal will consist of two meals: 1) a protein shake directly after your workout, and 2) a full meal an hour or an hour and a half later dependent upon what type of workout it was.

If you do not want to do the two-a-day workouts, you are certainly not obligated to. As explained in the program, you can perform your cardio directly after your weight training workout in one session. As explained in the Training Guide, your body burns more fat if cardio is done directly after weight training as opposed to the other way around due to glycogen stores being depleted.

Question: I’m confused by strip sets. How do I do this?

Answer: To better understand a strip set, please refer to page 83 on the Training Guide. If a daily workout includes a strip set, it will look something like this: 12 reps x 4.

To do this effectively, you will perform 12 reps at an appropriate weight that brings you to failure at that rep range. Once you hit failure, you are going to continue to go on without rest. The idea is to keep going to failure multiple times (in this case 4 total times). So you will drop the weight at about 20%, which should bring you to failure at around 12 reps again. Once at failure, you will continue to drop the weight and perform another 12 reps. Finally, your last set will include reps 37-48. This one is a blaster! Good luck!

Question: I’m a high school athlete. Will this program work?

Answer: We can assure you this is the BEST workout and nutrition program for you as a high school athlete. This is the training and nutrition protocol that Jaret Grossman, the MP45 Creator, did during his high school and collegiate wrestling career. This allowed him to go from winning just one match in 8th grade to becoming a 3x All-American Wrestler and doubling his body weight. You now have an appropriate methodology. You will gain consistent muscle mass, strength, endurance, stamina, athleticism, etc.

Question: I cannot afford this meal plan. What can I do? 

Answer: The MP45 System deliberately includes a lot of variety in the meal plan to show you that you can eat healthy no matter where you are and what your taste preferences are. However, by no means do you have to follow it exactly to see results.

Just substitute any food on the list with one you can afford that has a similar macronutrient profile (fat to carbs to protein ratio) and glycemic index (choose foods that digest slowly to stabilize blood sugar levels). If you are working on a tight budget or time constraints, grocery shop by purchasing foods in bulk.

The Nutritional Staples chapter of the Nutrition Guide discusses all of the foods that should make up the bulk of your diet. Buy these on bulk on Sunday and prepare your meals for the week. It does not cost much to buy grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and broccoli in which you can Tupperware your meals out. Foods like eggs, oatmeal, tuna cans, and frozen vegetables are all also very inexpensive.

Question: I don’t have enough time to do this program. What can I do?

Answer: In terms of your schedule and the workout/meal plan schedule in the 45 Day Plan, all you need to do is get the workouts in at any point during the day – it doesn’t need to be at the time recommended. If you want to workout at a different time, by all means. Just make sure you shift the meal times accordingly to accommodate your training schedule by having your pre-workout/post-workout meals at the right times.

Included in the program are various workout schedules for when you can only go to the gym 1 day a week, 2 days a week, 3 days, or 4 days if the MP45 detailed plan is too time consuming or conflicting. So, there is no excuse. You can make it to the gym once a week! Furthermore, each session is only an hour long – that is only 4% of your day that we require and we always give you some off days each week. Moreover, for the two-a-days you can add the cardio at the end of your weightlifting session if you don’t have time to do a proper split.

Question: I cannot eat certain foods. Can I follow this meal plan?

Answer: Yes, you can substitute any food you want in the program so long as it has a similar macronutrient profile and glycemic index load. For instance, if it says 40g protein from oatmeal and you are allergic to oatmeal, swap out this particular carbohydrate with 40g of a different carbohydrate that has a similar G.I. (i.e. – beans, brown rice, etc.).

Question: What supplements do I need to buy?

Answer: You do not need to use any supplements on this meal plan to see results. However, whey protein and glutamine are recommended in the program for recovery agents, but you can have real food in substitute for this.

Question: What is the difference between the MP45 Men’s System, MP45 Women’s System and MP45 Athlete System?

Answer: Each MP45 program is the same as one another and is designed to be this way. The foundational components of each system lay the framework to give you a complete body transformation through optimal health and fitness, no matter gender or athletic ability.

The reason we market the product differently is to show each demographic (gym enthusiasts or athletes) that the program will work for that specific goal.

For example, a huge basis of the program focuses on compound exercises. Compound exercises are multi-joint movements that work many muscle groups at once. A great example of a compound exercise is the squat. The squat not only works every muscle group of your legs (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and glutes), but also works your core, lower back, traps and other muscles. As a result, this type of training is proven to build more muscle and strength, burn more fat, and increase cardiovascular conditioning and athleticism. Whether you’re a male or female, gym user or athlete, compound exercises are absolutely necessary in any fitness or athletic program.

In most cases, men and women should train the same. Aesthetically speaking, men and women may have varying goals, but they’re actually achieved with the same programs. Men often want to be jacked or ripped, and many women want to be toned and shapely. However, you can’t have anything without building muscle!

To build muscle, you must lift weights and provide the body with proper recovery through specific rest and nutrition. It’s all from the same philosophy, which is something that MP45 takes into account.

Scientifically, it’s actually harder for women to build muscle because they have 10 times less testosterone than men. Sometimes women actually have to train harder than men, not softer. Some women may get intimidated with the intensity of MP45. However, it is extremely necessary for women to train as hard as men, and maybe even harder. Results come with intensity, not the other way around!

There aren’t many situations when women should train differently than men. Obvious circumstances such as pregnancy or specific injuries would warrant another discussion entirely. Aside from that, women should train exactly like men with a program like MP45 to build a powerful and beautiful body!

In addition, MP45 focuses on HIIT cardio. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is short and intense bursts of physical activity, paired with intervals of quick rests. This type of training will increase your VO2 Max, which is defined as the maximum amount of oxygen that your body can take in, deliver, and use in one minute. This is one of the best indicators of aerobic fitness. A higher VO2 Max means more oxygen is delivered to the muscles and the faster or longer you can train. In addition, HIIT is associated more with building lean muscle as opposed to steady-state cardio (jogging at the same speed), which can actually cause you to lose muscle. Running for long periods of time releases cortisol, a catabolic hormone, meaning it breaks the body down. This is associated with muscle wasting, and over time, can actually break the body down. HIIT will reduce body fat and strengthen you more than long distance running due to the maximal recruitment of muscle. Therefore, this type of cardio is essential for a vast majority of training programs.

You will get a customized formula in the MP45 Nutritional Program so you can formulate exactly how many macronutrients you need for each meal. It is based off your weight.

Additionally, you can make your own adjustments and modifications of your appropriate program to receive the individual results you are looking to achieve.

Question: What makes this program so good / why is this program better than others?

Answer: Our workout focuses on the right types of training. You get compound exercises, which are the workouts that build the most muscle and strength since they recruit more muscle fibers. Also, you’ll be doing HIIT cardio, which can burn a lot more body fat than traditional cardio.

The meal plan focuses on eating every few hours to keep your metabolism going so you can stay leaner and be more energized.

Our program focuses on what actually works and takes the guess work out of everything. Most other workout programs and meal plans are a marketing gimmick with little results to show for it.

Question: I have a friend/family member that wants to purchase the program. What do I tell them?

Answer: It’s very easy. You simply click the button “GET STARTED TODAY” on the MP45.com website and enter your email. You are then taken to the order page so you can purchase the program for a one time payment of only $97. This program can be downloaded instantly to your computer, tablet or phone so you can get started right away!

Question: I suffered from a knee injury. Can I still do this program?

Answer: If you have a knee injury, you can still do the program. You should start by speaking with your doctor to make sure you are cleared to train again. You can replace cardio exercises like running with more low impact exercises like swimming or biking. As long as you maintain the intensity, you’ll get just as good of a workout. In terms of lower body weight training, start with a lower weight and do more reps.

Question: Can I just skip the book guides and go straight to the videos?

Answer: You should most definitely read the training guide, nutrition guide, and 45 day plan before you follow the actual videos. Otherwise, you won’t have a good grasp on what you’re doing. A large part of seeing results is having the proper psychology while you’re doing it. Reasons and knowledge about why something works solidifies a belief on why it will work for you. Building muscle and burning fat is as much a mental process as it is a physical one. Reading up on this information will create more neural connections that will actually help change your physique.

Question: I don’t like the program. How do I get a refund?

Answer: On the order page, we make it very clear to read the disclaimer before purchasing. For example, right under the order button, we say “Please Read the Disclaimer Regarding the Refund Policy.” Also, we again say at the bottom of the page to agree to the following before purchasing: “I understand that my purchase is covered by MP45’s 60-day Money Back Guarantee. I understand that to request a refund I have to follow the instructions in the Disclaimer below if the program does not work.” We make this as clear as possible.

We will be happy to refund you, as part of our 100% Money Back Guarantee, if you follow the refund procedure.

You can find it here under “Returns Disclaimer”: http://www.mp45.com/Disclaimer.php

We rarely ever need to give refunds because 99.9% of people who use this program love it and see great results from it. We encourage you to continue trying MP45 because you will see the results you are looking for.

Question: What does RPE mean?

Answer: RPE is also known as rate of perceived exertion and is a scale based measurement system to gauge the individual’s activity intensity level. Perceived exertion is how hard you feel like your body is working and we used a scale of 1-10 to allow you to decipher how hard you should go during your cardio sessions.

Target Zones Percentage of Max HR RPE scale
Healthy Heart Zone 50% – 60% 2-4
Temperate Zone 60% – 70% 4-5
Aerobic Zone 70% – 80% 5-7
Anaerobic Zone 80% – 90% 7-9
Red Line Zone 90% – 100% 9-10

The RPE scale is a simplified scale of 0 to 10 based on exertion level:
0 ‐ No movement at all
1 ‐ Very light ‐ Stroll
2 ‐ Light ‐ Average Walk
3 ‐ Moderate ‐ Brisk Walk
4 ‐ Somewhat hard ‐ Jog
5 ‐ Hard ‐ Average Run
6 ‐ Harder ‐ Break Sweat in 3 Minutes
7 ‐ Very Hard ‐ Hard Run (You can keep this intensity level going for a max of 60 seconds)
8 ‐ High Intensity ‐ Elongated Sprint (You can continue this intensity for a max of around 30 ‐ 45 seconds)
9 ‐ Extremely Hard ‐ Elongated sprint (You can continue this intensity for a max of around 20 ‐ 30 seconds)
10‐ Maximum exertion ‐ The hardest you can possibly go (You can keep up this intensity level for a max of 8 ‐ 10 seconds)

Question: What to do after the 45 days are over?


This is what you get with MP45X:

  • MP45X System ‐ After you complete MP45, you’re going to want to do the MP45X Program. MP45X shows you the best workouts and meals to keep yourself in top shape all year round.
  • Fitness for Life ‐ After Jaret’s college wrestling career, he worked out with top fitness models to learn how they get stage-ready. Now he’s sharing the workout splits and training methodology with you. This is a 5 day training routine with a precise rotation designed to help shred the last bit of stubborn fat.
  • Nutrition for Life ‐ This is a very simple meal plan, called the ON/OFF diet, that you can follow all year round. Certain foods on the list are in any amounts you want and you get off days where you can stray from your diet. The meals are all prepared on Sunday night and cost under $40 per week to make.
  • ON/OFF DIET ‐ Access the power of something called Earned Days. Jaret learned how to hack nutrition so he can enjoy his favorite foods every week. Learn how to cheat your diet without any negative effects.
  • One Week Shred ‐ Ever wonder how fitness models get so chiseled? Learn how to take advantage of healthy water manipulation to bring water from outside the muscles to inside the cell, so you go from looking good to looking chiseled.
  • Weekly Coaching Calls – You’ll have access to your own personal MP45 Coach once a week where you’ll hop on a 30 minute call to discuss nturition, fitness, and strategy.
  • Monthly Check-In with YouTube Sensation Jaret Grosman – Monthly webinar hosted by Creator of MP45, Jaret Grossman

FREE BONUS: 200 Advanced Coaching Videos

Question: Are there video tutorials on how to do the exercises?

Answer: Yes, we have an upgrade available called The MP45 Video Library. With The MP45 Video Library, you will receive a daily video for each workout that walks you through all the exercises, the number of sets, the number of reps, and the rest periods.