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Who is the Creator of MP45?

Jaret Grossman is the Co-Founder of Muscle Prodigy LLC and the Creator of the Popular MP45 Program. Known as one of the biggest YouTube influencers on mindset, motivation, and success, Jaret is world recognized as someone who helps people make rapid change. He believes in transforming lives one at a time using his personal expertise as a 3x All-American Collegiate Wrestler and someone who transformed his body from 96 lbs. to over 200 lbs. at just 6% body fat. Hire Jaret to help you custom tailor MP45 to your goals.

Physical Fitness
To help you get ripped, Jaret will help custom tailor a workout program and meal plan strategy for you based on your fitness goals. You will understand exactly what to eat and how to train. Jaret will also discuss options about a longer term coaching strategy he can set you up with.

Mental Fitness
To help you gain the mental fitness necessary to establish a world class physique. The greats have a different mindset. They expect great things of themselves and they are able to push past pain barriers. Jaret will help you create the mindset-shifts necessary to see lasting change with your mind.

Overcome Mindset
A large part of understanding how to make physical change, is understanding the limiting beliefs that go on in the mind. How ‘every time you eat, you think you’ll get fat’. How you don’t have time for the gym. We must squash these at the source!

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